A series suddenly reappears in the Netflix charts that has never been completely forgotten, but has recently lagged behind other productions: “The Crown”.

    The fact that current world events also affect people’s private behavior is not unusual in itself. During the pandemic, for example, one could observe that series and films with a corresponding topic were streamed particularly frequently. The same applies again, but the reason is sad. Due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the series “The Crown” is currently trending on Netflix.

    Currently great interest in “The Crown”

    After more than 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96. In fact, only one monarch reigned longer than the British Queen, namely Louis XIV of France, also known as the “Sun King”. The death of the Queen has not only moved many people in Great Britain.

    This is proven, among other things, by the current Netflix numbers. The streaming service’s top 10 usually features only new releases. This week, however, “The Crown” suddenly appeared in it, namely Season 1. The series has been streamed for over 17 million hours; the top 10 list shows the worldwide Netflix numbers.

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    How does the show deal with the Queen’s death?

    The Netflix series The Crown is generally considered to be one of the service’s major in-house productions. The British royal family that the series is about has never really commented on the production. Behind the scenes, however, there is said to have been dissatisfaction with the portrayal, especially with explosive topics such as the relationship between Prince (now King) Charles and Diana Spencer. Prince Harry spoke out but definitely positive about “The Crown”. Even if the series is fictional in its plot, it gives quite a good insight into life inside the palace walls.

    Netflix has paused filming of the new season of The Crown to mark the Queen’s death. On the day of her death itself and also on the day of the funeral, one would not shoot, said a Netflix insider Magazine Deadline. In the series, each season covers approximately a decade; The linchpin of the plot is Elizabeth II. It is therefore quite possible that the death of the queen will also be an issue in some seasons.

    The Crown Season 5 is coming in 2022

    Filming is currently underway for Season 5 of The Crown. The launch is planned for November 2022. Season 4 was actually released at the end of 2020; Since then we have been waiting for new episodes. Most recently, the series covered the period from 1979 to 1990. It has been known for some time that a sixth season is to follow. But this will probably be the last.