The Club Atlético Independiente de Panamá is crowned champion with the inspiring motivation of a rabbi

In a historic and emotional victory, Club Atlético Independiente was crowned champion of the opening tournament last weekend in Panama, beating Tauro FC

This is the second consecutive championship for the Team and the fifth in its history, but what is really striking is that for three years they have had a very unusual coach and therapist, Rabbi Gabriel Benayon.

He himself was called for the first time in 2019 to work with the CAI when there were three days to go before the grand final of that year and his star scorer was facing anxiety and panic attacks, and it was the rabbi who managed to get the player to overcome these challenges and He will play masterfully to obtain the championship at that time.

In the next tournament, the team after demonstrating that it was ready to go far, they had two games where they were thrashed and the board of directors and coaching staff did not understand where this downturn was coming from, and again they came to ask for a motivational talk for the team from of the rabbi, and with this energy they were motivated to climb to the semifinals.

Since then the CAI has won the last two championships and the rabbi always shares his motivating words that he does so well for the players as they indicate and in the words of two of his stars Victor Manuel Avila and Marlon Avila “rabbi you are part of this cup.”

His teachings are based on spiritual principles and ethical values, which have transformed the mentality of the players and have led them to overcome obstacles with determination and faith.

The rabbi points out that this team has a special strength and this strength lies in the faith of the players in Di-s that becomes a platform for their victories.

“Victory is not only found in physical prowess, but also in the strengthening of the spirit,” Rabbi Benayon said during an exclusive interview for our site. “When players believe in their potential and come together in harmony, they can achieve things beyond their imagination.”

His words resonated with the Independiente players, who embraced the philosophy of Rabbi Benayon, who is the author of the books; “From my anxiety to your happiness, connected, SOS Suffer or Heal and the Feather of my soul.


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