The brutality of the Campdevànol murderer with his girlfriend overwhelms the investigators

Alberto P.neighbour of Campdevànol (Ripollès), 36 years old, was arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra for torturing, raping and murdering Anna G., his 21-year-old girlfriend, in September 2022. The Ripoll court has kept him in provisional prison since then for these events. The prosecutor Enrique Baratain view of the brutality of the facts, plans to request revisable provisional prison for Alberto. The investigation of this macho crime is nearing completion. The investigators of this case, as well as the forensic doctors, have been shocked by Alberto’s brutality.

In a letter written for Alberto to be tried by a jury, Barata devotes an entire page to listing the torture he subjected Anna to between the afternoon of the 20th and the morning of the 21st. Almost 24 hours during which Anna was subjected to violence sadistic that included punching, scratches, stab wounds, Burns. He had bruises, broken teeth, or tears in private parts. The autopsy counted more than 60 injuries throughout the body caused while Anna was still alive and discovered that the murderer stabbed her twice in her genitals, incisions 15 centimeters deep were found.

Anna’s murder shocked the municipality of Campdevànol. The Mossos reconstructed the crime shortly after the events and for this they took Alberto to the address where the events took place, located in the center of town. It was necessary to deploy riot agents to protect the alleged murderer. Days before, after his arrest, almost 200 people tried to attack him when he went to court. Alberto received a punch in the prison of Figueras and, for his own safety, he had to be transferred to Brians prison, where he has been locked up ever since for a trial in which he will have to face everything he did to Anna.

habitual abuse

According to Barata’s writing, Anna’s ordeal began long before her death. Alberto mistreated her while her sentimental relationship lasted, which lasted more than 1 year. Alberto was taking Anna away from her friends and also from her parents, he isolated her. She displayed physical and psychological violence on the young woman, 15 years his junior, that broke her emotionally. The prosecutor’s brief is explicit: “In order to exercise dominance, superiority and habitual control over her, [Alberto] Jealous due to the fear that she could interact with other boys, sometimes he would leave her locked in the bedroom, taking away her cell phone and keys so that she could not leave until he returned, he would take away the cell phones or sim card that her parents bought for her to that he couldn’t make calls or communicate.

“On other occasions,” continues the public ministry, “he left her without eating, Or, when he returned home and to verify that she had not had relations with third parties, he examined the vagina introducing fingers and a flashlight.

Both in private and in public, Barata accuses Alberto of “underestimating her” and cites expressions that Alberto used with Anna according to some testimonies. Painful phrases like “you’re a whore”, “you’re a slut”, “you fuck Moors”, “you have thick lips from sucking dicks”, “you’re always fucking boys on the street”. Alberto, who lived obsessed with an alleged infidelity with Anna, did “kiss other women and boasted of intimacy with them” in front of her, a behavior that he practiced with the intention of hurting her and that ended up provoking the young woman, only 20 years old. of age, “a progressive physical and mental deterioration” and even “drug use”.

Trafficker and macho

In September 2022, Alberto was on sick leave due to an accident, but had a stable job in a parts factory. “We all knew that he passed drugs: marijuana, hashish,” a resident of Campdevànol told this newspaper. And that lately, they suspected, he had started “smoking base.” The ‘base’ or ‘basuco’ is the paste left over from the cocaine manufacturing process, a substance that is increasingly common in the social suburbs and whose inhalation can cause serious brain damage. Anna, on the other hand, until she began dating Alberto, she did not use drugs. She was a beautiful and kind woman, as her friends remembered her, who stopped talking to them because of her boyfriend and that every day she was “thinner”.

Alberto has a criminal record for sexist violence: he has been convicted twice for violating restraining orders and getting close to previous couples who had denounced him for mistreating them.

tortured for hours

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The prosecution believes that it was a new episode of Alberto’s jealousy that triggered Anna’s murder. On September 20, he locked her at home and subjected her to unimaginable torture that lasted for about 24 hours. And after causing her a slow and painful death, he cleaned up the scene of the crime, showered her body and dried it with a dryer to pretend that her injuries were from days before. Later, he called the emergency teams. Alberto constantly tried to manipulate the investigators.

Alberto will be tried for a crime of murder with treachery and cruelty – with the aggravating circumstance of kinship and gender violence – a crime of sexual assault and a crime of habitual abuse. Anna was the sixth woman to be murdered in 2022.