The #Babopizza has been available since November 3rd Gangstarella and arrest warrant in chicken hollandaise and beef salami flavors in all participating supermarkets – and we tested them. This means that there are now a total of five varieties of the Gangstarella pizza, which came onto the market in the first edition with the varieties tuna and sucuk. Now with an arrest warrant and initially in cooperation with Capital Bra, Gangstarella has existed since May 2020.

    Visually, the packaging follows the same path as the #TeamCapi Pizza, at least with the checkered pattern on the edge. Instead of a Capital Bra mimicking the classic pizza maker with a chef’s hat and the finger sign for “perfect”, a large “Babo Pizza” lettering with the addition “Heft Tasty” was printed on this box. Warrant can be seen in the right corner wearing a cooking apron, handkerchief over his arm and sunglasses, presenting the pizza in one hand. On the back of the packaging you can also see a comic strip from Haftbefehl. At one point he’s in the studio and discussing with his people how “to get the taste of 069 [Offenbach, sein Geburtsort] on a pizza”, in the other strip he creates a Breaking Bad style pizza in a van.

    Chicken hollandaise

    The pizza chicken hollandaise with spinach and gouda weighed 457 grams and was about 26 cm in diameter. After we followed the baking instructions (defrost 15 minutes before baking, place on a grid in the lower third, baking time 7-8 minutes), the edges were nice and crispy, but a little soft in the middle. The reason for this was most likely the hollandaise sauce on the pizza, which was well executed and pleasantly creamy. We were concerned that the pizza might get soggy as a result. However, the spinach goes down a bit in terms of taste and for us contributed maximum to the consistency. The chicken pieces were tender and in different sizes on the pizza. The bottom is as thick as a classic pizza and definitely thinner than the #TeamCapi pizza.

    Babopizza chicken hollandaise in the test

    Overall, this pizza was a bit of a surprise because we hadn’t seen a pizza like this before and the mix of hollandaise with the sweet tomato sauce resulted in an interesting flavor variation. Especially the pieces with more chicken were particularly good because without them something would have been missing.

    beef salami

    The beef salami pizza with cheese mix and cheese sauce weighed 402 grams and was also about 26 cm in diameter. Following the same baking instructions, the edge was nice and crispy again, the middle was better baked through than the chicken hollandaise and therefore a bit firmer to the bite. In combination with the melted cheese (Edam, mozzarella, hard cheese, gorgonzola) the taste of the pizza comes into its own. The beef salami is delicious, as is the tomato sauce, which is not as sweet as the other variety.

    Babopizza beef salami in the test

    All in all, a delicious pizza that doesn’t really stand out from other salami pizzas, except for the beef salami. Unfortunately, the pizza was broken during delivery because being stored in dry ice makes the products very hard and they sometimes break as a result.

    For us, the beef salami pizza is better, but you should try the chicken hollandaise pizza if you’ve never had a pizza with hollandaise sauce, because it just tastes interesting. However, it must be said that an Italian pizza tastes better, of course, but for a pizza from the freezer the quality is perfectly appropriate. The only question is why there will be no vegetarian pizza from the range on offer in 2022 – and whether you want to be prepared to pay more than four euros for a frozen pizza.

    Haftbefehl has expanded its catalog of non-rap products with Gangstarella, having already released its iced tea “Baba HafTea” and its hookah tobacco “Chaya”. He also opened the burger shop “Hafti’s” in Hanover. His current album DAS SCHWARZE ALBUM was released on April 29, 2021 and was the successor to DAS WEISSE ALBUM (2020).