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    Furacao, who lost 2-0, tied 2-2 in the feud of Palmeiras who played with ten the entire second half

    The reign of the Verdao is over at the hands of a combative Ath. Paranaense that will now face Flamengo or Vélez

    The Ath. Paranaense, led by Luiz Felipe Scolari, managed to eliminate Palmeiras, current two-time champion, and reached the final of the Copa Libertadores without losing either of the two semifinal matches. He had won 1-0 in Curitiba and, in the second leg, started a heroic 2-2, with a last rebound goal from the Uruguayan Terans in the 84th minute with which he raised an adverse 2-0. It ended up taking its toll on Verdao to play the entire second half with numerical inferiority.

    A thousand came out Palmeiras, who, in minute 2, tied the tie with a goal by Gustavo Scarpa, which culminated a good team play that began with a recovery. The Verdao, this time, did show all his credentials: defensive pressure, claw, speed, drive and punch.

    Furacao choked on the matchbut he knew how to survive a first half in which he was one step away from collapsing due to the overwhelm caused by Palmeira’s tactical superiority.

    Already, in discount time, Murilo, a central defender for Verdao, saw a direct red card for a great squad on the pearl Vítor Roque. Just as it happened in the quarterfinals against At. Mineiro, Palmeiras was left with ten to face the entire second half.

    There was a lot of local outrage because the Uruguayan referee, Esteban Ostojichhad not been so rigorous before with a nudge from alex santana (scorer of the only goal in the first leg) Rony before a corner was taken.


    Palmeiras was not intimidated by numerical inferiority. And, in the 55th minute, he scored the 2-0 that took him to a new final: Marcos Rocha served an out of band that the Paraguayan masterfully combed Gustavo Gomez.

    Abel Ferreira’s men had the game under control, multiplying their assists and attacking with great discretion… but Furacao came back to life ten minutes later. And there everything changed.

    With Palmeiras well protected behind, Fernandinho broke the pressure line with a deep step, which ended up being finished off by Pablo. 2-1. The balance of forces was broken.

    And in the final stretch, Scolari’s men believed it and went to look for the tie that classified them directly. They found it, in the 84th minute, in a shot by Terans, from outside the area, who touched Piquerez and dislodged Weverton.

    There the reign of Abel Ferreira’s Palmeiras in the Libertadores ended and Furacao, with a new epic classification, sealed the pass to their second final 17 years later, after losing it against Sao Paulo.

    His rival will come out this next morning, from Flamengo – Vélez Sarsfield, in Maracana, with a lead of four goals (0-4) from the Cariocas. A third Brazilian final, then, is served.