After the victory of Argentina on Mexico in the World Cup, the PRO took advantage of the occasion to promote in networks a “antimufa” operation. And it is that the former president Mauricio Macri had been pointed out by many referents of Kirchnerism as responsible for the initial defeat of La Escaloneta in front of Saudi Arabia.

    The former Minister of Culture macrista, Pablo Avelluto, joined the “antimufa” campaign with this message: “Kirchnerism failed with its ideas and its policies. He also failed with his superstitions,” the former official tweeted.

    For his part, the former president of the Garrahan Hospital and Secretary of Health during the Government of Mauricio Macri, Carlos Kambourian, also made its contribution to the counteroffensive. “It is clear, the mufa was #NinoNoqui. Mirtha and @mauriciomacri bring luck. Another demolished account, ”he wrote, referring to Thomas Massason of the Minister of Economy Sergio Massawho was harshly questioned and nicknamed “gnocchi boy” in networks for traveling to Qatar.

    Another of those who joined the campaign in favor of Macri was the former Undersecretary of Strategic Communication of the Macrismo Chief of Staff, Hernan Iglesias Illiawho is also general editor of Seoul Magazine. “They believe in lawfare, look if they weren’t going to believe in the mufa,” she chicaneed in the bird’s net.

    The Conicet researcher also tweeted sandra pitta. “Are we eliminating those magical thoughts of the mufa and those things?” wrote the biologist, displaying a photo of Mauricio Macri shouting a goal, excited.

    The campaign to hold Macri responsible for the failed start of the National Team in the World Cup had several voices from Kirchnerism. The social leader and iron defender of Kirchnerism, Luis D´Elia, posted a photo of the former president watching the Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia, with the message “Stone!!”.

    Also the sanitarian and adviser of Axel Kicillof, Jorge Rachid, expressed himself on the subject, stating that the former president had had an impact on the 2-1 defeat of the Argentine team against Saudi Arabia.

    “There is a manipulation that can lead to erasing the joy of the Argentine people. A happy people is not the same as a sad people. Macri is president of the FIFA foundation, one of the most corrupt places on the planet. The same (Gianni ) Infantino named him,” Rachid said in radio statements.

    Also, Rachid used his Twitter account to insist on Macri’s responsibility for the defeat. “Macri was in the box enjoying the defeat. I said it yesterday: he is part of the corrupt, mafioso, fraudster FIFA device. The annulled goals did not come from a cabbage, but from VAR. Who runs FIFA? It’s not mufa Macri. It’s Perverse, manipulative. He is capable of any action to harm,” the doctor tweeted.

    Also the Minister of Development Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque had talked about the forecasts he made Mauricio Macri for the Argentine National Team in the World Cup in Qatar and questioned his role as executive director of the FIFA Foundation. “The only Argentine who is in FIFA is someone who doesn’t want the country to do well,” Larroque said.

    In turn, the entrepreneur Alberto Samid joked about it on the birdie network. “Am I the only one who was waiting for Germany to lose to send something from Macri mufa?” Samid tweeted, referring to Germany’s defeat against Japan, after Macri declared in controversial statements that the Germans were a “superior race”.

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