• The witnesses explain a host of lies that Alba Andreu told them, including the existence of Julia, a false character who only communicated by mobile messages and who was managed by the accused herself.

    Alba Andreu, accused of inducing a schizophrenic friend to murder her father, she invented two pregnancies hers with different ex-partners and, in one of these cases, she had an abortion, as several testimonies explained this Friday, including an ex-boyfriend. It was in the third session of the trial that is being held at the Barcelona Court for the crime committed by Ismael Molina, occurred on June 8, 2019 in Vilanova i la Geltrú. Most of the people who testified at the hearing recounted the lies that, according to them, Alba explained to them, although the most imaginative is the existence of Julia, a false girlfriend that Alba created to get Ismael out of sentimental frustration. The mother of the defendant came to speak by mobile messaging with that fictitious character to organize a surprise party, precisely, for her daughter, who was the one she allegedly wrote. One nonsense after another.

    The issue of false pregnancies was first brought up by one of Alba’s ex-boyfriends, who faces 34 years in prison for inducing murder. Joaquín P., with whom the accused had shared her life years before the crime, perplexed the members of the jury when he assured that his fiancée told him that she had become pregnant with him and, later, that she had miscarried, when It was not true. He even sent her a picture of an ultrasound. The witness acknowledged that he fell in love with “a person I should not have fallen in love with & rdquor ;, but that he did not consider the relationship to be” toxic “. And he made his purpose clear: “I want all this to end and not to hear from her in my fucking life.” During the judicial investigations, this young man alleged that “Alba was the dominant one in the relationship and he was the submissive.” In the trial he acknowledged that the one who was his partner had “manipulated him in some things & rdquor ;.

    A friend of Alba’s reported the existence of another simulated pregnancy, but this time the father was Adam, the defendant’s current partner, who, according to her explanation, had a brother who was a gynecologist who did ultrasounds for free. None of these were true. This woman explained that after she suffered a traffic accident, Alba pretended that she had had another of hers, collecting compensation. This acquaintance also had contact with the false Julia, who participated in a group of WhatsApp mothers. The messages were supposedly written by Alba. Another witness confirmed that Alba told her that she was pregnant and that he showed her an ultrasound.

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    The fake Julia, Ismael’s virtual girlfriend, focused part of the interrogations. Alba’s mother, who defined her daughter as a person with problems since she was little, admitted that she had maintained contact through messages with this young supposed friend of her daughter. It was on the occasion of the preparation of a birthday party, precisely, of Alba, that she was the one, according to the accusation, handled the fictitious profile of Julia. This bizarre story got even more complicated when the mother of the accused confessed that she had asked Julia (who does not exist) for a loan of 45,000 euros and that she had said yes, although the money, because it was all a lie, was never it came to him “I noticed a bond with her, a special affection, but I never thought it was Alba & rdquor ;, she stressed.

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    As if this story were missing surprising ingredients, Alba’s mother offered the jury one more (and there are several). Thus, she explained that at a dinner with Ismael and his daughter, the former announced that he was going to be a father and that he had made the false Julia pregnant. In theory it was by ‘in vitro’ fertilization because both never met in person. To justify the pregnancy, according to this version, Ismael claimed that the condom had broken. The woman knew that the boy was a virgin and she blurted out: “Wow, the first time and what an aim.” Nothing was real.

    Alba’s mother explained that her daughter “is 22 years old, but she doesn’t know how to make a ponytail, nor does she know how to cut a slice of melon. She is super dependent & rdquor ;. Ismael, in her opinion, was like a brother to the girl and very protective. Regarding the mental problems of the accused, an acquaintance declared that she had given reinforcement classes to the accused. She threw a cape at him: “She has never been able to keep a lie. (& mldr;) she is a manipulable person, not manipulative & rdquor ;. The trial will continue on Monday with more testimonies and, above all, that of Arnau, whom Alba blames for being behind the false plot and for having mistreated and threatened her.