The contracts of players are full of absurd clauses and anything can happen during the negotiation. Even getting a crazy bonus for something as simple as…not wearing a certain color of boot!

    The contracts of players are full of absurd clauses. There are those who (like Kean’s father) still ask for two tractors from Juventus for the renewal of his son, those who have been denied the possibility of taking part in a space flight (the former Fiorentina player Stefan Schwarz), those who had demanded the possibility of going dancing a couple of times a week (obviously, Ronaldinho when he was in Mexico) and even being exempted from training and matches in case of concerts by his favorite singers (the Uruguayan Santiago “Bigote” López, who just couldn’t help but attend the performances of Los Redondo or El Indio). So, anything can happen when negotiating.

    The arrival at Betis

    Even being able to tick off a pretty crazy bonus for something as simple as…not wearing boots of a certain color. The protagonist of this story is Rafa Van der Vaart, a Dutch talent who has never fully expressed himself, who after a career spent in top-level teams such as Ajax, Real Madrid and Tottenham, at one point found himself at Betis Sevilla, having just returned to League. As he tells, the Andalusian club went to great lengths to secure the Dutchman’s performance, but had one particular concern. Van der Vaart has always changed boots quite frequently, alternating between a series of colours. And Betis wanted to avoid seeing him on the pitch with red boots.

    1.6 million in nine games

    Because? Simple, because red is the color of Sevilla, the bitter rival of the green-and-whites. Therefore, the imposition was written in the contract, but Van der Vaart obtained very favorable conditions to comply with it: a monthly bonus of almost 150,000 euros. And considering that the contract (which was supposed to be three years) in the end lasted from June 2015 to August 2016, when the footballer was sold to the Danish side of Midtjylland, in the end the playmaker found himself with 1.6 million euros in his bank account euro simply by not wearing red shoes. A not inconsiderable blow, considering that in the end there were very few appearances for Betis: just nine, without even ever scoring. In short, a real deal. At least for him!