In an interview Monday (November 28), Lars Ulrich discussed why Metallica – contrary to their earlier morals – approved “Master Of Puppets” for use in the fourth season of “Stranger Things.”

    ‘Master Of Puppets’ (1986) made a big comeback this year after the song underscored a key scene in the Season 4 finale of ‘Stranger Things.’ In the series, Eddie Munson (portrayed by Joseph Quinn) plays the guitar to distract a horde of demonic bats protecting villain Vecna’s (Jamie Campbell Bower) lair.

    “So a few years ago we started saying ‘yes’ to everything”

    In a new interview on The Howard Stern Show, drummer Ulrich explained how Metallica has changed their approach to licensing their music for other projects in recent years. “We used to be the ‘no’ guys at Metallica,” he said. “‘Hey, can we have this song for this? Can we have this song for that?’ It was just, ‘No, no, no, no, no.’ And a few years ago we sort of reversed that. We did a 180 degree turn. We just said, ‘You know what? That is just stupid. Why do we hold on to these songs like they matter, like they’re the crown jewels? Let’s share our music with the world.’ So we started saying yes to everything a few years ago.”

    Ulrich then recalled how Stranger Things “wanted to build this whole scene around ‘Master Of Puppets,'” to which the band agreed. Of the reaction to the song, he said: “It was amazing to see this become a phenomenon and we were so proud. I mean who would have thought these songs could still have this impact 40 years later? We were so excited to be a part of it, absolutely. It was just so unexpected.”

    He also spoke about the process of preparing Joseph Quinn for said scene: Quinn jammed with Metallica backstage at Lollapalooza, with Metallica also playing a “Stranger Things” tribute during their headline set at the festival.

    “Stranger Things” provided Metallica with many new streams

    The “Stranger Things” feature of “Master Of Puppets” gave Metallica their first Top 40 single in 14 years. The group also debuted on the Billboard Hot 100, where the song peaked at #35. In addition, the streaming numbers of the number grew significantly.

    Meanwhile, Metallica have announced their eleventh studio album, 72 Seasons, and released their first single, Lux Æterna.