“Teemu would like the call to not end”

Teemu Ruokoski, the bass player of the Remix band, died on Friday, November 25.

The Remix band was founded in 2008. Remix band website

The band Remix from Pori has experienced great sadness for the band Basist Teemu Ruokoski as a result of passing away. The band announced it on their Facebook page on Saturday.

The band’s drummer Juha Jokinen tells Iltalehte that Ruokoski, 45, died of an illness.

– We have been able to resolve the situation together with our band. We were on a trip and came back to Pori a couple of hours ago, says Jokinen.

– This happened last night, when we arrived in Jyväskylä for a gig. As usual, we started moving stuff. It happened in that freezing situation, he continues.

Jokinen says that he went with the band to discuss the matter with Ruokoski’s brothers and family.

The call continues

The Remix group would have had a gig in Vaasa tonight, but it was cancelled. In the future, the gigs will continue as normal.

– We have had this band activity and relationships with each other for so long that we immediately decided that things will continue from now on, says Jokinen.

– We felt that it is our way to mourn and carry this forward. It is our obligation. Teemuk would also like the ringing to not end. Teemu would never have put the bass on the nail and stopped playing, the music is always playing, he continues.

Teemu Ruokoski performed in September at the unveiling of Olli Lindholm’s statue. Ruokoski is standing second from the left in the picture. Juha Veli Jokinen

Jokinen describes his bandmate as the kindest person he knows. He states that Ruokoski was also a very competent music maker who was able to record his own feelings in songs in a special way.

– Teemu never wished harm to anyone. He was everyone’s friend, even today on the way from Jyväskylä to Pori my phone rings a lot, Teemu will be missed by many people all over Finland. He was a well-liked person.

Jokinen, 51, says that he was very close to Ruokoski.

– Yes, I feel that I was like a father figure to Teemu. I get a good memory of it for myself and the feeling that I was in such a role for Teemu, he concludes.

During their career, the Remix band has, among other things, made a support song for the ice hockey team Pori Äss The legend of Isomäki. One of the authors of the song was Teemu Ruokoski.

Remix feat. Noora Karma – To freedom. IL-TV