Talitha Muusse gets a twist from Charles Groenhuijsen

Talitha Muusse gets a big twist on her ears from Charles Groenhuijsen. The presenter finds it incredibly sad that she is still so busy bashing his talk show Op1.

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About a year and a half ago, Talitha Muusse immediately stopped presenting Op1 because of blood bean behind the scenes. Because of her spicy statements about Prime Minister Mark Rutte, she was no longer allowed to talk about political topics. Since then, the presenter has made all kinds of suspicions against Op1.

Charles lashes out

Charles Groenhuijsen finds it tiring what Talitha says about the talk show. For example, she states that politics influences the presenter policy and recently she said that she was being bullied behind the scenes.

The 68-year-old talk show host says LINDA.nl: “She worked with us one blue Monday and then thinks she gets it all. Sorry Talitha, but I find it really baffling what she yelled after that.”


After her exit, Talitha, like other departing presenters such as Erik Dijkstra, Hugo Logtenberg and Sander Schimmelpennick, also said that there was little room for personal input.

Logical, Charles thinks. “Your influence as a presenter is of course limited, just like that of any editor, because you make the program collective with a fairly strong editors, who are dedicated and knowledgeable. The show isn’t named after a presenter, is it?”


It is not nice to be so negative about Op1 after a departure, Charles thinks. “I will never talk about Op1 like that afterwards. I also do not share the criticism of the so-called superficiality. Then I think you have understood little of the dynamics of a talk show, where you talk about a subject for about 12 minutes.”

He continues: “If you type that out, you have a large article in NRC or De Telegraaf – so why superficial? The criticism of talk shows is often that it is not an interview program or an hour-long special on one topic, which is correct: it is a talk show. The criticism of a talk show is often that it is a talk show.”


This is what Talitha wrote after she left Op1: