National wrestler Taha Akgül, who won the gold medal at the Seniors World Wrestling Championship, said, “I won the world championship medal for the 3rd time by defeating all my opponents with an overwhelming superiority. It may really be one of the most valuable world championships for me. It also has a place because I show my strength to the whole world.”

    National wrestler Taha Akgül, who became the world champion by beating his Mongolian rival Lkhagvagerel Munkhtur 6-2 in the freestyle 125 kilo final at the Senior World Wrestling Championship held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, made a statement to the press. Emphasizing that he lost to his Georgian opponent in the final seconds in 2017 and 2019 and that he can now win 5 championships, Akgül said, “He was not lucky. I lost two finals in 2017 and 2019 very dramatically. I could fit 2 more world championships between 7 years, but it’s always an appreciation of the creator. In fact, I became Olympic champion after the world championship. I always gave the match in the last seconds. I played while I was ahead with the last 5 seconds left in 2017 and 2019. Two world championships went this way, I could actually have won 5 championships, but thank God I came to 2022, I am 32. I won the 3rd place by overwhelmingly victorious against all my opponents. I reached the world championship medal for the first time. It may really be one of the most valuable world championships for me. 2014 my first medal It was valuable. This third one has a special place because it came after 7 years, and because I showed my strength to the whole world again,” he said.

    The world champion national wrestler, showing his golden belt, said that he will sleep with it today. The national wrestler said, “I really wanted to get the gold belt again. I think I deserve it. I worked, tried and prepared really well. Because I was well prepared, the creator made my business happen, I became the champion comfortably by establishing the superiority over my opponents.”

    Speaking about the future, Taha Akgül said about the Olympics, “The old king is back, they headlined it by the World Wrestling Association. I just said, I always wrestled for the top, but I was missing the wins by a narrow margin, this time I broke that bad luck and reached the golden belt. There is nothing left for the Olympics. “After 1.5 years, the Olympics are coming. In fact, qualifications begin next year. Next year, the world championship is more important. I am a person who continues after championships without stopping to work,” he said.

    Stating that he has a wedding in a week and that he will present the belt to his fiancee, Akgül said, “I have a wedding now, I will get married in a week inshallah. I will take my fiancee a real gold gift from here and wear it around his neck. I present it to him. I met him, they watched it with his family. He always told me ‘ He said, “You will be the first. I won 3 gold medals together with him. Thank you. There is one week to my wedding, I dedicate it to him. We are waiting for all my lovers at my wedding. It was a double wedding for me. We will celebrate both the world championship and our wedding together, I hope,” he said.

    Noting that wrestling is a heavyweight and performance sport, the successful wrestler said, “I work hard to be successful. We deal with injuries all the time, we are in constant contact with our opponents because it is a performance sport. That’s why we have a hard time. I hope my wrestling career is at its peak after the 2024 Paris Olympics, as the Olympic champion.” I want to finish. My age is 34. After that, I have even bigger goals. That’s it, I’ll look ahead. I’ll see what happens after that. I’ll shape my career according to him, but I want to stay at the top. Today I have the final match. I don’t underestimate my Mongolian opponent, but I won’t be able to beat my Mongolian opponent before. He was an opponent. I was so stressed that I got tired in the match because of that stress. There was also fatigue from the previous day. I congratulated my opponent a lot. He always wanted to come to the double camp, but unfortunately we could not succeed. Official correspondence was also made for 4 months, but unfortunately we did not have a double camp. He constantly He told me this, and I told him about some of the troubles. I’ve been on this too. I hope to welcome him in my club. I will train with my club. They especially want to work with me,” he said.

    Reminding him of the belt move he made after defeating his Iranian opponent in the semi-finals, Akgül said, “It’s not my style either. We have been in eternal competition with the Georgian athlete for years. In the last Olympics, both he and I lost to the US athlete. But I wanted him to win. Really, after the competitions we won, we lost each other. We congratulated him. We finished our matches with respect and love. We did not act in a rush. We did it in fair-play. He came before the match, he said, ‘I want you to win.’ It’s the king move, the crown move. I think he took the wrong attitude in 2021. I did it to answer him. I didn’t go ready for the 2021 World Championship. I got off the holiday, I went to Oslo. It was his rematch. I prepared very well. I knew it was my final match. “Because I did it with last year’s world champion and my favorite name. His arrival in the last seconds made me even more happy. Because the match was tough. Bö I wanted to give an answer. I had planned this. I made that move because it didn’t suit him. “Actually, it’s not my style,” he said.