Supermarket tills invite you to chat

The German state of Bavaria is launching an initiative for slow supermarket checkouts to chat with checkout staff.

In Swabia, on the initiative of the Ministry of Health, a “Ratschkasse” went into operation in a market on Thursday, in Lower Franconia a food market had already launched such a project almost two months ago.

“What often bothers you in hectic everyday shopping is expressly desired here: Ratsch at the supermarket checkout,” said Bavaria’s Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek (CSU). July open four days a week for two hours in the morning.

Management, store employees and customers will then be asked about their experiences. “If the Ratschkasse was successful, I would be happy if the idea found numerous imitators in Bavaria,” said the minister.

In Schweinfurt, supermarket owner Marius Höchner is already one step further. Almost two months ago he set up a Smalltalk checkout, there it is called Plauderkasse and customers should feel like they used to be in a corner shop. “The response has been excellent,” says the boss.

The models for the Bavarian projects were corresponding offers that have been available abroad for years, for example in the Netherlands and Switzerland. (dpa)