Superlega, the OFFICIAL press release from Barcelona: ‘Letter received from Juve, our position will depend on the EU’

Barcelona confirms. The Superlega chaos continues to be discussed and after the events of the last few hours concerning the Juventus, here comes a statement signed Barça. The note below: “FC Barcelona confirms that it has received a communication signed by Gianluca Ferrero, current president of Juventus, yesterday, June 6, 2023. In accordance with its current and contractual obligations, FC Barcelona will maintain strict confidentiality regarding future conversations with Juventus in order to evaluate their potential withdrawal from the Superlega project”.

“FC Barcelona reminds once again that the project is currently in the middle of legal proceedings awaiting resolution by the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg. The resolution of the Court of Justice of the European Union will be essential to ensure the need for legal certainty regarding the adequate and correct interpretation of the legal framework of professional football in Europe. This resolution, which is expected to be approved in the coming months, will determine Barça’s final position on the matter.”