English football player Nathan Redmond, who Beşiktaş added to his squad this season, made statements at the press conference at BJK Nevzat Demir Tesisleri. Evaluating the last two weeks, Redmond said, “Beşiktaş fans have endless love and support. There have been two matches yet. Even though we couldn’t get the results we wanted during the two matches, the love and support he showed us was incredible. Now we have a few days ahead of us, to prepare for the next match. We will do our best for them,” he said.

    When asked about the content of the conversation he had with Manchester City Coach Pep Guardiola, the English football player said, “I didn’t perform well in that match. I played well in both games last season. I scored 1 goal as well. Guardiola also asked me why my performance decreased compared to the previous season. The new coach has just arrived. “I told him we played defensively. He told me how good a player I am and complimented me,” he said.

    Reminding that there are many players from the English Premier League in the team, the 28-year-old football player said, “Experience is the most important thing. The Premier League is the best league in the world. The contribution of the players who have played in this league is very important in proportion to the experience. We are a new team in a way. Many players have just joined. “We know each other. We are here for one purpose. This is to win matches for Beşiktaş. This is what we will achieve,” he said.

    Stating that he played the best on the left and right wing, Redmond said, “My coach in Birmingham, who was 16-17 years old, played in very different positions, at number 9, number 8. He said that it is important to play in different positions. In general, this has also brought a lot of returns,” he said.


    Stating that Spor Toto Süper Lig is a better league than he expected, the English football player said, “This is much better than my expectations. The facility is good, the field is good. The atmosphere at Vodafone Park is incredible. As a difference, in terms of the game, the pace of the game is similar to the Premier League. “In the Premier League, the pace is very fast, the pace of the game is flowing. I can say that the pace of the game in the Super League is slower than there,” he said.


    Explaining that he received an offer from England during the transfer period, Nathan Redmond said, “Southampton, my managers, my family, all of us made an effort to find the best solution for my exit from there. Beşiktaş was also interested in that period. We were talking before the transfer ended in England. After talking, talking with my family, I decided to embark on a new adventure after I liked the interest of this place. I had clear ideas about getting out of my comfort zone and coming to such a different place. There was only an offer from Beşiktaş. There is a big difference between rumors and reality. There may be many rumors. While coming here, we talked to our teacher, I talked to the management. I talked to Dele Ali Ali. Talking to our teacher impressed me. My motivation and desire to come here have increased a lot,” he said.

    ‘What was the advice of the famous English football player David Beckham?’ To the question, Redmond said, “He didn’t say anything very special, it’s about the league and Turkey. He talked about his own experiences. He said that the best times of his career were when he lived outside England. I should evaluate this well because Vodafone Park and Beşiktaş have a very different atmosphere. And he said I shouldn’t enjoy it here.”

    Stating that the tempo of Spor Toto Super League is low, the 28-year-old football player said, “The tempo of the league is low. It makes a difference in my perspective after coming from a different place like England. Sometimes in England, the player tries to get a simple foul to deceive the referee. The referees do not believe this. “In Turkey, sometimes easy fouls can be given. This can disrupt the flow of the game a little. We are Beşiktaş. We are a team that plays the championship. We are one of the best teams in Turkey. Our opponents are fighting to beat us and get points. To gain time.” “We can get into some situations to relieve our pressure. We will fight it,” he said.

    Stating that they are only 2 points behind the top in the league, the English football player said, “The season is not the season ending in September or October. It is important where you will be in the season of the league. The match is won or lost. The important thing is to keep fighting and fighting. It is in the nature of football. We need our fans very much. It is very important that our supporters are with us during the ups and downs. We are not in a bad situation in terms of points, we will continue,” he concluded.