In the 17th week of the Super League, Antalyaspor and Fenerbahçe shared their trump card. While Fenerbahçe left the fight with a 2-1 victory, Antalyaspor’s goal in extra time was canceled due to offside in VAR. Flash statements came from Antalyaspor after the match.


    Darky Night

    In Turkish football, Sivas and Gaziantep yesterday, Antalya today, is another city where a dark night will be experienced tomorrow.

    We knew Kadir Sağlam before.

    Let’s remind:

    In the Kasımpaşa match we played in the 5th week of this season, tonight’s referee Kadir Sağlam was also the one who did not give a red card to Larsson’s face in the match against Kasimpasa, but who made up a penalty in the position that went aude, and who was suspended for 4 weeks after this match.

    We said we don’t want novice referees.

    In today’s match, the same referee who assisted Fenerbahçe’s first goal, sought the penalty and made up the offside, despite being stopped by a foul while attacking with Bünyamin while he was ahead 1-0.

    We’re wondering if there’s any offside talk in the VAR recordings.

    We demand disclosure, we believe that TFF’s understanding of transparency requires it.

    If there is a right, we want it to be known that we are not halal.

    We are against the order that treats Anatolian clubs to the championship race. We demand justice not only for our community, but for all Anatolian clubs.

    Antalyaspor A.S. Board of Directors