Land stretch marks are not an exclusive prerogative of pregnant women: even weight gain and loss can cause these skin imperfections that are very difficult to treat and cure. Doctor. Domenico Ventura, a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, explains how to prevent them through a correct skincare routine.

    Stretch marks, a sign of the body that changes over time

    «Our skin is the most “precious” tissue that exists: it protects us from external agents, keeps us warm and hydrated but it too has its weak points» Dr. Domenico Ventura begins to explain. «At the age of twenty, the texture of the skin tissue is extremely elastic but over time its characteristics of tone and trophism are reduced due to ageing, stress, hectic life, lack of attention».

    “In this context stretch marks simply show up as a “rupture of the elastic texture of the epidermis”. The skin can be compared to a pair of pantyhose: due to a small trauma, it can give way and “unsnap” in the points where its elastic network it’s less strong.”

    The causes? Pregnancy, stress, weight gain

    «Clearly the large skin distentions such as the pregnancy or significant weight gain or weight change continue (the so-called yoyo effect with the characteristic up and down trends of the scale) are factors that favor the onset of stretch marks» continues the expert.

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    How they are formed

    «Creams and habits aside, the role most important of all it is played by our DNAor our genetic heritage» explains the expert.

    «Each of us has absolutely unique morphological (i.e. physical) characteristics. Our DNA contains information that encodes, for our skin elasticity, the amount of collagen or hyaluronic acid that the skin produces, and therefore ultimately the ability to counteract aging and the formation of wrinkles or stretch marks. We can therefore say that “immunity to stretch marks” is a birthright for most people».

    Anti stretch marks skincare: hydration and almond oil

    «Surely the first resource is water. A good hydration makes the skin more elastic and with better ability to support changes in tension».

    Furthermore, «The use of a good moisturizer or classic shea butter it represents an additional aid to the phospholipid layer of the cell which guarantees the seal of liquids and the elasticity of the membrane.

    “L’sweet almond oil it is another garrison that is often used and which can be of help due to its characteristics of protection of surface phospholipids».

    Laser treatments for stretch marks

    «Even today there is no way to “erase” stretch marks but they can be greatly attenuated through the use of specific lasers».

    «Or you can act through the micropigmentation when the chromatic difference with the more compact part of the leather is relevant, while in the cases of very extensive and “dilated” stretch marks treatment can be considered micro removal surgery to make them as thin as wrinkles» concludes Dr. Ventura.