Storm can fall heavy scaffolding in the courtyard

The scaffolding fell onto sidewalks and trees

The scaffolding fell onto sidewalks and trees Photo: spreepicture

By Dirk Boettger

Early on Tuesday evening, a scaffolding weighing several tons fell on Genslerstrasse in Berlin-Lichtenberg in the district of Hohenschönhausen.

The scaffolding felled trees in the courtyard and buried sidewalks under it – fortunately no one was injured.

The scaffolding, which was stretched over the roof and attached to the facade of the house, was apparently lifted by a gust of wind and then thrown into the courtyard.

A strong gust of wind caused the scaffolding to fall into the inner courtyard

The scaffolding flattened half the courtyard Photo: spreepicture

There was damage to property of an unknown amount, the fire brigade cordoned off the danger area.

A construction crane had already fallen over in Potsdam – also due to the storm.


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