A 30-year-old sped at 170 km/h on the A111 - driver's license and a large fine

    Raser in Berlin (symbol image) Photo: picture alliance / dpa

    From BZ/dpa

    Berlin has already collected more than 25 million euros this year from fines for speeding on the road.

    Almost 700,000 warnings and fines were issued, the Senate replied to a request from the Greens.

    Another 20,000 speeding procedures were dropped because the deadlines for processing were not met. This corresponds to 2.9 percent of the notices issued. As a result, almost 1.2 million euros in revenue were lost.

    There are now 33 fixed speed cameras in Berlin, and the police also have 21 radar vehicles and 6 so-called measurement trailers that are set up on the side of the road and automatically flash all speeders for 24 hours or longer without personnel.

    60 additional flash systems are to be purchased. The “Tagesspiegel” had reported.


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