The “attentions” of Princess Leonorde for the young Barça star, nicknamed “El principito” mark the waiting hours of the match against Morocco

    “Gavi re? I honestly don’t see it, no”. The raids of the streamer Luis Enrique on Twitch always offer excellent ideas, and this is just one example. The coach jokes, and goes after his many listeners. “What do you think about Gavi becoming the king of Spain?” he asked. Luis Enrique started laughing: “Oh yes, I heard the news. Sure, how much you like to fuck around, huh? No, honestly I don’t see it”. And down another laugh.


    But how did we get to this point? Why can Pablo Martin Paez Gaviria, aka Gavi, footballer from 2004, aspire to the throne? For a story of gossip, for a crush who seems sincere and who is making a lot of noise. The Princess of Asturias, Leonorde Borbon y Ortiz, born in 2005, in pole position in the line of succession to the Spanish throne, is studying in Wales. Her boarding school appreciated and exclusive, as befits the daughter of Felipe VI. Someone let the Spanish rose press know that the young Leonor in her British room has a diary full of photos of the Barcelona player.


    And watch out for the second clue: last week the king of Spain, the only European king present in Qatar, went to see the national team play and after the match against Costa Rica he went down to the locker room. There he asked Gavi to give him a shirt and the gesture was immortalized by photographers: the king holding the number 9 shirt tight while the midfielder signed it, under the pleased look of federal president Luis Rubiales. The shirt in question is an incredibly small size. And the king is a tall big man. The camiseta was certainly not for him. “It was for Leonor,” the sites specializing in the Casa Real fired. Safe.


    The third clue, the one that would make everything pass the status of “trial”, is not confirmed: the companions would have given the Andalusian kid a nickname: “El principito”. Because of Leonor. Confirmations are awaited, however on Socialité, TeleCinco’s gossip program, in the meantime they have made it known that from the Casa Blanca they would have no problem with a possible rapprochement between the princess and the “prince”. After all, Leonor’s aunt, Infanta Cristina, Felipe’s sister, was married for years to Iñaki Urdangarin, Barça player and Spanish handball glory. We will see. For now, King Gavi is only thinking about the World title.