Soundos El Ahmadi pukes at Arjen Lubach on ‘dead’ Youp van ‘t Hek

Soundos El Ahmadi provided fireworks last night in the relatively brave late night show by Arjen Lubach. She really went all out on Youp van ‘t Hek there. “Isn’t he dead?!”


Very entertaining: there are two celebrities at war with each other again. For years, Soundos El Ahmadi has been accused by all sides of not being funny at all, and one of those critics is Youp van ‘t Hek. He calls his fellow cabaret artist ‘a noisy lady who, apart from herself, has never made anyone laugh’.

Sounds fierce

Although at least half of Youp’s reproach is correct, Soundos is deeply offended. She went in last night The Evening Show with Arjen Lubach completely loose on the 69-year-old comedian. “What I regretted was that during my pregnancy I had a few men who tried to argue with me. That always hurts somehow.”

She continues: “I was going to get a part in a movie and then they found out I was pregnant, because I told them and then I experienced pregnancy discrimination for the first time. But I also had a number of colleagues from the profession who started to demand some kind of attention from me by criticizing things I do.”

‘Youp on his return!’

Soundos believes that people who criticize her should have seen at least one of her shows. “One of those people was just Youp van ‘t Hek and he said in an interview that he has never laughed at me and does not find me funny, while he has never seen me perform. Just never.”

Host Arjen in Wilfred Genee Mode: “Oh? Where does that come from, do you think?”

Soundos: “Uncertainty.”

Arjen: “With him?”

No, with Koos Alberts. Sigh. Soundos: “With him. Yes of course. He’s on his way back.”

Arjan: “Yes.”

Oops, just one ‘yes’ too many. Will Youp, who was a guest at Arjen’s last year, like it.

Insecure man

Soundos continues her tirade. “Yes. But that’s true, you know. These kind of comedians used to be innovative and now I’m the one who’s innovative, only I don’t look like you, so you automatically think I’m your enemy. That first. And second: insecure men, what do they do?”

She continues: “They try to take away a woman’s power by saying, for example: ‘You’re not funny.’ Well, then I can tell you that being non-funny is a top income model. A damn good business model. Really and truly.”

“Wasn’t he dead?”

Arjen: “How do you defend yourself against that? What does that do to you mentally?”

Then Soundos indicates that she thought Youp was dead. “Well, when I first heard what Youp had said, I was shocked because I didn’t know he was alive.”

Arjen laughs. Soundos: “No, but really: I sometimes saw his photo in the theater and thought: it is a memorial, so I was relieved: oh, that guy is still alive!”

Then Arjen again: “Yes, okay, yes, yes.”

Soundos: “But what have I done? I always process things by making art out of them. I made a love track because I love Youp.”


Soundos love track: