Sonja Kailassaari is excited for the Dancing with the Stars finale for many reasons.

    – Go wild! television presenter Sonja Kailassaari42, sums up his mood about the approaching TTK final.

    – I’m super excited. My secret wish was to experience all the dances and the entire TTK trip, and now my wish has come true, he continues.

    Sonja’s excitement is at its peak, for many reasons:

    – It’s already exciting that there are now three dances. And especially the fact that on Sunday we will also perform this season’s ‘dark dance’, or jive, in which I had a complete blackout and forgot the steps, Sonja says.

    Sonja and Mati’s jive didn’t go well, but that’s okay. Atte Kajova

    Moka is a gift

    The viewers could choose one of the already performed dances for the finalists, and of course Sonja wanted an unlucky jive. But on the other hand, attacking a “grump” is also a good thing:

    – I’m happy to be able to show again what a great dance it is. And if it goes well now, it will be a great finishing touch to this trip.

    Actually, Sonja overcame her worst fear the moment the total blackout hit:

    – I’ve been afraid all autumn that somewhere I’ll forget my steps. I even wondered if I was manifesting a forgetfulness by being afraid of the event! And then when it came, I realized that it wasn’t so bad, that kind of thing hurts.

    – Besides, Moka is a gift. It really proved that the audience is always on the performer’s side. We got the worst points that night and I think we could have been inoculated even more in points. But the audience votes saved us!

    In the same broadcast as the unlucky jive, Sonja and Checkmate also danced Vesa-Matti Loirin to remember, and that dance went well. It was a great acute therapy to get rid of the “bruise”.


    Sonja hasn’t even fully internalized yet what the autumn dance routine has meant to her.

    – You’ll probably only realize that when the race is over. Now this has been one endless highway that just goes on and on… The concept of time has somehow disappeared, Sonja says.

    She knows that next week she will be in a bad mood, since there are no more dance practices.

    – Going to the gym has always been nice and therapeutic, no matter what the mood has been.

    Sonja is positively surprised that all the participants have been able to surpass themselves and appear on live broadcasts.

    Although Sonja herself does her work on television, throwing herself into a completely new role and showing her weaknesses to an audience of millions has not been a given for her either.

    – TTK training has been more difficult mentally than physically. There has been so much excitement involved that it was hard to handle at first.

    Spouse on parquet

    Sonja has received a lot of feedback from TTK’s viewers. Among other things, the theme of bonus adulthood brought up by Sonja during the own story dance week caused many people in the same situation to get in touch.

    Sonja’s fiance, actor Aku Hirviniemi, will also be seen on the TTK parquet on Sunday, as the finalists will dance one dance with someone close to them. Sonja already revealed Aku’s participation in last Sunday’s live broadcast.

    First place is not important to Sonja:

    – Even getting to the final was a victory, everything that comes on top of that is a bonus, he sums up.

    Dancing with the stars finale on MTV3 channel on Sunday at 19:30. You can find all program information at Telku.