Solvay commits to global phase-out of specific type of PFAS | Inland

Solvay has already discontinued the use of fluorosurfactants in the United States in July 2021, with the Spinetta Marengo site coming soon. One small product line, which represents less than 1 percent of the production volume, will require further research and development to completely ban its use. The company emphasizes that this production line will be strictly controlled.

The use of fluorosurfactants in the production of some plastics represents a global challenge for the industry. Solvay has quadrupled its investment in research and innovation since 2019 to develop new technologies. The company also recently announced that it is investing €40 million in a new technology at the Spinetta Marengo site to improve water treatment systems to reduce fluorosurfactant emissions by nearly 100 percent.

“We are pleased to further expand our non-fluorosurfactant technology as we conduct further research to achieve our ultimate goal of full voluntary phase-out of fluorosurfactants,” said CEO Ilham Kadri. “Solvay is proud to use its innovative strength to bring more sustainable technologies to market and introduce a new polymerization process that does not require fluorosurfactants, while retaining the unique properties our customers need to create critical materials for a sustainable society, such as solutions used in renewable energy installations, lithium-ion batteries, and so on.”