Status: 11/29/2022 6:19 p.m

    The families of Iran’s players at the World Cup in Qatar are said to have been put under pressure by the regime in their home country – according to CNN they were threatened with torture and imprisonment.

    Such measures would be in place if the players did not “behave” at the World Cup, reports the American broadcaster, citing security circles around the World Cup games. Should the players join a political protest against the regime or fail to sing the anthem again, relatives would have to fear such consequences.

    After the collective silence in the 6-2 win over England, the players sang along in the 2-0 win over Wales in the second game. Iran’s captain expressed his solidarity with the nationwide protests against the regime in Iran at a press conference. On Tuesday evening, Iran will play the USA in an already politically charged game.

    5,000 Iranian task forces in Qatar

    ARD correspondent Katharina Willinger reported in the Mittagsmagazin that 5,000 forces of the Qatari regime are on site in Qatar to observe and influence critical fans – for example people from Iran living abroad. And they should create lists of names of fans who express criticism.

    During an interview in Qatar, an Iranian fan was harassed by regime supporters. In addition, Qatari authorities should cooperate: According to the report, critical fans were removed from the stadium during a game. Some fans report, therefore, of surveys by Qatari authorities.

    Protests since the death of a woman after police custody

    Since the Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini was arrested by the so-called vice police on September 16 for wearing a headscarf (“hijab”) incorrectly and later died in hospital, there have been protests in many Iranian cities, and the regime’s forces are cracking down on her with great severity people before.

    The non-governmental organization Iran Human Rights counted 448 dead as of November 19, including 60 children and 29 women, although the organization assumes that the actual number is higher.

    “Zan zendegi azadi“- “Woman, life, freedom!”

    Sport plays a major role in the protests in Iran. Numerous athletes got rid of their hijabs, a headscarf that is mandatory in Iran – with sometimes drastic consequences, as with the climber Elnaz Rekabi. Many male athletes made gestures of solidarity with women fighting for more rights. The call of the protesters: “Zan zendegi azadi (“Woman, life, freedom!”).”

    The slogan was also often seen on shirts and flags in Qatar – Qatari authorities also took action against this.