03/09/2023 at 19:24


    The price of the platform could increase in the future based on precedents

    The 50% offer could be forever, but its price would increase

    A few weeks ago the streaming platform SkyShowtime has come into our lives. The company has arrived in our country with a very competitive offer, willing to be a very considerable option for customers from day one.

    During the first eight weeks of launch, new users could take advantage of a very attractive promotion: 50% on subscription for life. with a price of €8.99 per month, being a subscriber cost something less than 3 eurosa really good price to enjoy your film and series catalog.

    One of the aspects to take into account in this promotion is that the payment price is not fixed. That is, if tomorrow SkyShowtime increased its general rate, the price would rise for all users. The lifetime offer is 50%, not a fixed price of 2.99, so if the general subscription increases, so will our rate no matter how much we have the lifetime promotion.

    The company has not cheated at any time, since its offer and its conditions of use are clear, but many users could get confused with the price of their subscription.