Children of different Zaanse minima received presents from Sinterklaas today. Accompanied by two Piets, the holy man visited De Zeskanter community center today. The event was organized by the Zaanse branch of the Neighborhood Families Foundation. “We hope that people will keep in touch after this event and thus expand their network.”

    Coordinator Daniëlle de Heer sees halfway through that the set-up has been successful. Several children find it a bit exciting, but once the gifts have arrived, the ice is broken. “I might be more nervous than the kids,” one mother giggles.

    At the Neighborhood Families Foundation, families who are having a hard time are linked to families who can help. For example, participating children are allowed to visit the support family once a week so that the parents can take a breather. This can also help single parents.


    The Lord explains, “If you are single and you spend all day with the child in the house, it can be quite lonely. to be the people. That’s why today is so beautiful, it feels like one big family here.”

    Another mother confirms that feeling: “You have others around you. That togetherness is nice, that everyone is there for each other.” She looks at her daughter, endeared: “She has a good night’s sleep after today, I think.”