The NetherlandsViolence in a Dutch shopping center Sunday afternoon. During a Sinterklaas spectacle in Almelo, a thief who ran away suddenly attracted all the attention. What happened next resembled a crazy Sinterklaas movie: Sinterklaas and his helpers gave chase and were able to catch the thief by the collar. The kids loved it. They thought the scene was part of the show.

    The commotion arose on Sunday around 2.30 pm during a photo shoot with Sinterklaas and his helpers in the Woonboulevard shopping center in Almelo. Suddenly fathers, mothers and children saw a hooded man walking out of a DIY store. In his hands he had two briefcases with tools. Immediately afterwards, an employee of the store also stormed out of the store. It was immediately clear that it was a theft.


    Sinterklaas and his helpers arrest a shoplifter. How beautiful can a story be.

    Chantal Westerhoff, police spokesman

    Saint Nicholas and his helpers were not deterred. They interrupted the children’s party and gave chase. The shots succeeded in intercepting the shoplifter. They tackled the crook and a brief struggle ensued, after which the thief fled into a bed store. He couldn’t take it anymore. While waiting for the police, the holy man and his helpers blocked the entrance to the store.

    Children, meanwhile, enjoyed the ‘live show’. Many boys and girls assumed that this was all part of the Sinterklaas game. The police were also impressed. Sint and his helpers arrest shoplifter. How beautiful can a story be,” responded police spokesman Chantal Westerhoff.

    Saint Nicholas told the agents on site that he has Spanish nationality, lives in Madrid and recently arrived in Almelo by boat. The shoplifter had no choice but to confess his deed. It concerns a 30-year-old man from Alemelo. His loot consisted of a saw and other tools.

    Store employees on the Woonboulevard wanted to take a picture with the painted heroes. © Joost Tiemersma