“Should there be deaths?”: Club supporters stunned by stadium file

“Should there be deaths?”: Club supporters stunned by stadium file

That is Club Brugge’s supporters’ collective that has been committed to a new Club stadium for years.

“The supporter is the biggest victim of this Procession of Echternach and may also be heard,” they say. For years, the supporters group has been sharing photos of the condition of the current Jan Breydel football stadium on their Facebook page.

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“Current stadium is rotten”

“Incomprehensible”, sighs Ives Boone on behalf of Taskforce ‘5na12’, an action group of supporters who have been campaigning for a new Club Stadium for years.

“Everyone is stunned by this judgment: politicians, our board, the fans. Nobody understands this case law anymore. Can something still be achieved in Flanders, people rightly wonder. Our stadium is rotten to the bone. Fragments fall down, electricity cables are dangerously exposed, the moss hangs on the walls, toilets smell and overflow, the water runs down the walls.

The stadium simply no longer meets the contemporary comfort needs of the spectator, who is allowed to wring out his or her coat in rainy weather.”

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“There is a good chance that the stadium will be rejected”

“For years it has also been predicted that the day will come when security services will disapprove of the stadium and that league football will no longer be played.”

“That day is not far away,” Boone believes. “Within two years, the European football landscape will be redesigned and Club is in danger of having to play its European matches elsewhere. That would only be a downfall for Belgian football. Jan Breydel is just gone. We are heading straight for the wall, but not everyone seems to to realize.

Sixteen (!) local residents spoil it for thousands of football fans and slowly erode the most successful football club in Belgium in the last decade.

Do people really have to be killed or injured in our dilapidated stadium before people realize that it is no longer 5 past 12 but already deep in the afternoon?”, say the disgruntled supporters.