Hans Boomsma, known as the singer of The Shavers, passed away last Wednesday evening at the age of 74. The family and band announce that he died peacefully in his sleep. The death of the singer also means the end of the band.

    “He left happy, beautiful and peaceful”, son Jasper Boomsma tells NH Nieuws. Although his father had been ill for years, his death was unexpected. That makes it very emotional for the family.

    “The family was there and we were able to hold his hand,” says Jasper. He explains that due to the singer’s poor health, there is no real cause of death. “The doctors said it fell like a house of cards. .”

    home care

    Boomsma had suffered from rheumatism for 40 years. Last year he spent about three months in hospital and rehabilitation centers. But when he was finally allowed to go home, it turned out no home care available.

    A fundraiser was set up to raise enough money to go home anyway can. “A fellow musician has made a generous donation, really absurd!”, his other son Martijn Boomsma said at the time.

    Son Martijn took this photo last year. Text continues below the photo.

    On September 20, fans can say goodbye to the singer. They are welcome from 17.00 – 20.00 in the greenhouse at 46 A Jan Glijnisweg in Heerhugowaard. The funeral will take place privately. Son Jasper tells that there is a large group of family and friends who will ensure that the farewell is done in his father’s style. For example, they made the coffin themselves.

    Last show

    Boomsma, also known as Johannes de Boom, founded the Shavers in 1996 with Theo de Jong and Cock de Jong. The last died in 2011 at the age of 55 from the effects of cancer.

    The Shavers thank all fans for the loyal support and memories. On November 20, they will play a final show in honor of their singer. At a later moment, the band will announce more about the content of that evening in the Alkmaar Victorie.