In the other races, Carrarese returns with a point from Olbia (1-1) and extends its positive series. In Pontedera’s poker on the field of Fiorenzuola (4-0) hat-trick by Nicastro

    After going around empty-handed in the last two rounds (only one point and two untapped numerical superiorities), Reggiana resumed the pace as first in the class by narrowly overtaking Torres: Mapei-Città del Tricolore 1-0 leads to half Kabashi scored in the second half, with a great left foot shot from the edge of the area that gave Diana’s team three fundamental points with five games to go. However, Entella keeps pace, chasing second place behind by four points: poker at San Donato Tavarnelle (4-1, third knockout in a row for the Tuscan freshman), Faggioli, Merkaj and – after the penalty converted by Federico Russo – Zamparo and Favale to close the accounts. In Chiavari, before the match, the over 44 thousand euros raised in 2022 by the “Entella nel cuore” initiative were also delivered by the club of president Gozzi, funds destined – among the various realities – to the Gaslini hospital in Genoa and to Caritas. In the interesting postponement on Monday, in Ancona, Cesena will be called to answer, having slipped in the provisional standings to less than 5 from second place.

    Positive series

    In the meantime, Carrarese is back with a point from Olbia (1-1) and extends its positive series to nine useful results thanks to the second consecutive goal by Bernardotto who replies to the Sardinian lead by Nanni (who, before the goal, had also hit a crossbar). Seven points in 8 days for Piero Braglia’s Gubbio, who seem to have put the opaque period behind them: Barbetti hadn’t won a victory since December and was found again in the 2-0 win over Lucchese thanks to the penalty converted by Arena and the third goal in a week of Lorenzo Di Stefano (20-year-old striker on loan from Sampdoria). In Pontedera’s poker on the Fiorenzuola field (4-0) the hat-trick of a wild Nicastro stands out (a goal from a penalty), which consolidates his team in the playoff area (by Cioffi, again from 11 meters, the second of the four goals).


    Siena draws 0-0 against Alessandria, hitting saves by the gray goalkeeper Liverani and the post hit by Disanto, while Rimini collapses at home – two points in four games – under the blows of a Recanatese (2-1) in the second consecutive away success: the third brace in 2023 by the former Ascoli player Gianluca Carpani was decisive, Tonelli’s goal from the flag was too late. In the fight for salvation, Vis Pesaro (who hadn’t won since the end of January) took oxygen in the derby with Fermana: the external blow (1-0) however came from Scorza’s own goal who collided with goalkeeper Nardi. Try to get the Imolese out of trouble, beating Montevarchi in the direct match (2-1) and leaving them last and four points behind: as usual Simeri (6 goals since January) answers for the hosts Italeng, but Bensaja from distance to find the goal from three points.