Fiorenza Sarzanini (photo by Carlo Furgeri Gilbert). often happens that separated or divorced parents use their children as a weapon of blackmail. It frequently happens that children and adolescents find themselves at the center of quarrels, even used to take revenge on their spouses.

    Now there is a sentence that finally does justice to the wrongs suffered by minors. There is a judge who sentenced a woman accused of failing to comply with the provisions imposed to three months in prisonpreventing their 3-year-old son from dating his father.

    He is now 17 years old, the relationship could be hopelessly compromised. Or maybe not, time will determine it.

    The precedent is, however, established and perhaps will serve as a deterrent to those who believe they can also manage their affections as well as practical and bureaucratic issues. To those who think they are asserting their reasons by depriving others of their rights.

    The story begins in 2008 when the couple separated. The child is small, he is entrusted to the woman. Six years later the divorce arrives, the rules are clear.

    The son stays with his mother, but the father will have to see him on a regular basis, follow him, spend time with him. Instead it does not happen, quite the contrary.

    She manages to avoid them being together in every way. She invents a thousand excuses, hinders the meetings, accuses him of not having respected the visiting hours, she manages to remove them permanently.

    However, he does not give up, he presents appeals, requests. And in the end he decides to report her for fraudulent failure to execute a judge’s decision.

    The prosecutor believes the accusation is well founded and orders his indictment, a few weeks ago the decision arrives: sentence to three months.

    The woman will appeal, it will probably arrive at the Supreme Court. But a first, fundamental step was taken to prevent the little ones from paying the price for the quarrels of the adults.

    The law is clear: “The parent who does not show his child to the other commits a civil offense against which he may suffer a pecuniary sanction and, in the most serious cases, the loss of placement or even of the child’s own custody . Parents who have been injured in their rights can also claim compensation for the damage“.

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    Damage, that’s the key. They harm those who have been prevented from giving and receiving love.

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