Volkan Demirel, who played in Fenerbahçe for a while and continued his career as a coach after quitting football, and his wife Zeynep Sever Demirel, who is acting, are receiving great attention on social media.

    The last share of Zeynep Sever Demirel, who has more than 500 thousand followers on Instagram, had a great impact.

    Demirel made a reference to his wife, Volkan Demirel, by sharing a photo of him wearing sunglasses.

    Zeynep Sever Demirel, who also shared the photograph of Volkan Demirel with sunglasses, which was taken years ago and was on the agenda at that time, put on the glasses in the photo and dropped the note ‘Look what I found’.

    Volkan Demirel added a smiley face emoji to his wife’s photo post and commented, ‘Thanks to me, you follow fashion (from the back) and wear a little bit of it’.

    This post received a lot of likes on social media.