Senate announces relaxation of the corona rules in schools

Berlin’s governing mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) announced on Tuesday that the corona rules would also be relaxed for schools.

“It is very clear that the subject of masks and tests is a significant constraint in schools for children,” Giffey said Tuesday after a Senate session.

She announced that the Senate would deal with the prospects for relief for schools at its next meeting next week.

From the SPD politician’s point of view, there are encouraging signals in the development of the pandemic: “In the last week we used 1.9 million rapid tests at our 825 Berlin schools,” said Giffey.

The students only had positive results in around 0.38 percent of the tests. According to Giffey, the proportion of school staff was slightly higher at 0.65 percent – ​​but in both cases there were more than 99 percent of the tests with a negative result.

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“We are also seeing a significant decrease in the incidence of infection in schools,” said the Governing Mayor. “We are already in a situation in which we have to talk about the extent to which there will also be simplifications and simplifications for March.”

Corona situation in Berlin has improved significantly

From the point of view of the Berlin Senate, the corona situation in the capital has improved significantly. The apex of the omicron wave has been reached or already exceeded, said Giffey (SPD). The situation is such that it certainly justifies loosening and opening perspectives.

It is to be expected that the number of hospitalizations will soon peak and then decline.

According to Giffey, 56.8 percent of Berliners have now been boosted. The rate for those over 60 is 91.4 percent.

Giffey said that experts such as the chief virologist at Charité, Christian Drosten, discussed the development of the pandemic and the conclusions drawn from it. During the more than two-hour expert hearing, Drosten once again made it clear how important it is that the groups at risk, the over 60-year-olds, have a high vaccination status.

“And over 90 percent is high vaccination status,” Giffey said. The corona incidence in Berlin has also fallen. The number stood at 1135.2 as of Tuesday morning.


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