Scotland, brawl and devastated bar before the Kincardine derby between Dunfermline and Falkirk

For years the two fans have reached an all-time low in terms of mutual tolerance …

The Kincardine Bridge spans the River Forth near Edinburgh. The Kincardine derby in Scotland is played by Dunfermline and Falkirk.

Brawl at the bar and draw on the pitch

This edition of the Scottish derby between Dunfermline and Falkirk was highly anticipated, especially as the hosts are leading the championship and the rivals absolutely wanted to placate their race for first place.

On the Dunfermline field, in East End Park, it ended 1-1 with goals from Morrison (in the 30th for the guests) and Benedictus (in the 56th from a penalty kick). However, the clashes between the two supporters held the stage. Videos circulate online in which the two supporters provoke scuffles in the city, among people. In the clip it is possible to see a bar employee who tries to put the chairs in his room in place while the two groups of troublemakers are intent on throwing objects including tables, stones and bottles at each other; even a rubbish bucket with wheels is pushed to cause damage to the other party. According to the British press this is one of the most heartfelt derbies in the whole of the UK with relations soured year after year – both between the two fans and between the two clubs.