• The Colla Vella Xiquets de Valls has been brilliant with the 2d8 and those from Vilafranca, with the 2d9 with ‘folre i manilles’

    great first day ‘castellera’ of Santa Tecla in which, after the stoppage forced by the pandemic, large extra range ‘castells’like the 2d8 of the Colla Vella Xiquets de Valls and the tower of nine (2d9 with ‘folre i manilles’) of the Castles of Vilafranca.

    The hosts, the Young man from Tarragonahave completed the first magic treble of the season, and els Xiquets of Tarragona they have brought back the range of nine with the 3d9 with ‘folre’. La Vella has tried a 4d9 with ‘folre i agulla’ which he has reduced in the repetition round in a 4d9 with ‘folre’. Also in this fourth round the Xiquets de Tarragona have unloaded the 2d8 with ‘folre’ after a first attempt. The day has closed with the pillars of 8fm and 7f and the pillars of five of the ‘groups’ of the city.

    With a Plaza de la Font filled to the brim, the four participating ‘colles’ have offered one of the best performances of the current season, warming up for the Castells de Tarragona Contest.

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    The first round was started by the pinks and the greens with a 3d9f well defended by both. La Jove has shown a good progression of the 4d9f with which they have opened the ‘dyad’, while the Xiquets de Tarragona have shown their good level by unloading the 5d8.

    The first great moment came in the second round with the 2d8 of the Colla Vella Xiquets de Valls, while those from Vilafranca unleashed a 4d9f with authority. In the third round, the greens have brought out all the artillery and have unloaded a 2d9 with ‘folre i manilles’ with which they have shown their good form. The dyad has concluded with some impressive ‘pillars of 8’ with ‘folre i manilles’ and 7 with ‘folre.