Following general manager Marcel Brands, Ruud van Nistelrooij was also very surprised about the departure of John de Jong. After the won match against Feyenoord, the farewell of the technical director was a topic of conversation.

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    Yannick Wezenbeek

    The trainer was clearly devastated by the departure of his colleague. Van Nistelrooij used heavy words. “It’s heavy and spicy. It’s also quite a shock. I had a very good personal relationship with John. We wanted to take PSV further together. The Supervisory Board then makes an abrupt decision in the middle of the season. I cannot understand that.”

    “It’s a fait accompli and then you have to accept it”

    The words follow a day after Marcel Brands’ response. The general manager also found it incomprehensible that there was no longer any trust in John de Jong from the supervisory board.

    The state of affairs remains remarkable. Only a general manager can fire the technical director. But by giving up the trust, she increased the pressure. Who is actually the boss in Eindhoven? “That seems clear to me when you hear this story,” said the trainer afterwards.

    Ruud van Nistelrooij at his presentation (photo: PSV)
    Ruud van Nistelrooij at his presentation (photo: PSV)

    It indicates that internally the noses are not in the same direction. This was also noticeable at Van Nistelrooij. “You notice how I stand in it. The timing is not right. I have also stated that internally. But it is an established fact and then you have to accept it.”

    “The team has handled this well”

    The coach had to focus on the match against Feyenoord. PSV won 4-3 on Sunday afternoon. “I am very proud of that. The team has handled this well”, the former striker was satisfied.

    He continues his story: “John de Jong also wanted the best for PSV. He also indicated that I should focus on this match. I am happy with what we have shown.”