MP Saara Hyrkkö presents her Linna jullat costume and tells about its message. Actually, you can get three different clothes from one outfit.

    MP Saara Hyrkö (green) received a message at the right moment. Despair about the outfit for the Castle party started to rear its head.

    – Originally, I had thought that I would go in borrowed clothes this year. When I was going to see the borrowed dresses, my child got sick. A few weekends ago, I was in trouble about what to do, says Hyrkkö.

    That’s when Hyrkkö received a message from a Helsinki seamstress who started a costume project.

    – I think it’s nice, because many seamstresses have been without the Linna jupital project for many years now, which is a big part of their livelihood for many, Hyrkkö reasons.

    Saara Hyrkkö wanted a nature theme for her dress. Rosa Bröijer

    The party dress was designed and realized by Ompelimo Silen Elisa Parts. There was no need to think about the theme of the outfit separately.

    – I had the idea that I would like to make nature the main part. This autumn, we have worked a lot with nature, says Hyrkkö.

    He states that it is not only a personal but also a social theme for him.

    – It unites Finns. Even here in Finland, biodiversity is dwindling and work is being done all the time to combat it, Hyrkkö says and states that the nature conservation law has been on the surface of the parliament.

    When planning the dress for the castle’s celebrations, a monochrome green also came up as an option, but afterwards Hyrkkö is happy with the end result.

    – We looked into print possibilities, but we still wanted to make it ecological. We found a material made from recycled plastic bottles on which you could print your own print, says Hyrkkö.

    Greens MP Saara Hyrkkö also considered a monochrome suit, but is satisfied with the print and the end result. Rosa Bröijer

    Saara Hyrkkö is going to the castle for the second time as an MP. The first time he was at Linna’s party in 2012 as his spouse’s avec. Rosa Bröijer

    while browsing photos, there was a lack of abundance, but in the end the photographer was chosen for the outfit Veli-Pekka Hentilän After the rain -picture.

    The party dress was wanted to be multi-purpose.

    – That’s why we ended up with a two-piece outfit. Originally it was supposed to be a shirt and a skirt, but so that the skirt itself can also be tied into a dress. Due to a printing error, the fabric became a little extra, so the shirt became a dress. Now it’s a bit like three clothes at once. I can see myself wearing this shorter version at many parties, says Hyrkkö.

    As an everyday dresser, Hyrkkö describes himself as a thrifty consumer.

    The suit is two-piece and therefore multi-purpose. Rosa Bröijer

    The upper part of the suit is a shorter dress. Rosa Bröijer

    The print of the outfit is made from a picture taken by a Finnish photographer. Rosa Bröijer

    The material of the outfit is made from recycled plastic bottles. Rosa Bröijer

    On Tuesday, Hyrkkö celebrates Independence Day for the third time in the castle.

    – The previous two years have shown that Independence Day is a precious moment, regardless of whether you’re wearing a nice dress or pajama bottoms. It has been important to celebrate it (Independence Day) in the last couple of years. This year, however, in the midst of all the turmoil in the world, there is something special here, Hyrkkö reflects.

    Saara Hyrkkö got three clothes at once, because the long skirt can also be turned into a dress. Rosa Bröijer

    The outfit was designed by Ompelimo Silen’s Elisa Parts. Rosa Bröijer