S-bank scam: beware of scam messages in the name of S-bank

“S-bank” may appear as the sender of the message, even though it is a fraudulent message.

S-bank reminds that it never sends messages to its customers asking for bank IDs or card information. OUTI LAKE

There are text message scams in the name of S-bank, informs S Bank.

Scam messages may, for example, write about suspicious activity on a bank account. Links in messages should not be opened and the message should be deleted.

It is unfortunately still possible to forge the sender’s name in a text message. In addition to a strange number, “S-bank” may appear as the sender of the scam messages, and the scam message may appear in the same thread as text messages that actually came from S-bank.

The bank does not ask for credentials

S-bank reminds you that you should not enter bank IDs or card information in the link sent as a text message or e-mail. The bank never asks for bank IDs or card information via text or e-mail.

S-bank says that it will do its best to stop the scam message campaign.

In addition to false text messages, scams are carried out on social media, for example in the name of various raffles.

Opening the link

S-bank recommends checking the device for viruses and malware if you have accidentally opened a link in a fraudulent message.

If you have opened the link and entered your bank IDs or card information, you must immediately notify the bank ID blocking service at 09 6964 682.

If you have received a fraudulent message, you can send a screenshot of the message to the address [email protected].

S-bank’s five tips for safer banking

1. The bank never asks for bank IDs or card information via text message.

2. Never click on links that seem strange or suspicious.

3. Do not give bank credentials or card information to anyone.

4. Be critical in online stores and ensure the reliability of the online store before ordering.

5. The safest way to log in to the bank is by entering the address of the bank’s website in the address field of the browser.