George Russell didn’t celebrate the change of year with his teammate Lewis Hamilton, but with his long-term racing partner.

    George Russell achieved the opening victory of his career in Brazil in the season that ended. PDO

    Formula stars have been able to spend December in free signs and so also the New Year. Many well-known names in the F1 world welcomed 2023 on social media, but the images of George Russell have aroused particular interest.

    Russell’s girlfriend Carmen Montero Mundt published photos in the story section of Instagram, in which not only his lover but also the two-time world champion, who is moving to Aston Martin, appear Fernando Alonso. Based on the foggy picture, the drivers are on the dance floor. Both have cigars in their mouths.

    You can view the photo that has exceeded the time limit in Instagram stories of the Sun from the pages.

    Based on social media, the W Series champion also participated in the party in Monaco Jamie Chadwick.

    Although Russell and Alonso have not driven as team mates, the men are known to have a warm relationship. Russell has said that he admired Alonso from the beginning of his formula path, and the Spaniard has also praised the current 24-year-old Mercedes driver.

    Fernando Alonso got to know Aston Martin’s operations immediately after the final race of the season. PDO

    The respect between the two can be seen, for example, in a moment from the summer of 2021, when Russell, then still driving for Williams, was competing for the first World Championship points of his career. However, Alonso overtook the young driver after a great duel to take the final points, leaving the Brit empty-handed again.

    – I felt a little sad for George because he drove a great weekend. When I saw him in front of me at number ten, I wished it was anyone else. But this is part of this sport. I wish him podium places and victories in the future, Alonso told reporters after the race.

    Alonso’s wish came true, as Russell drove to a surprise silver in the rain race in Belgium in August. In 2022, in his first Mersu season, Russell captured several podium places and took his first win in Brazil. Mr. Consistency was handsomely fourth in the World Championship.

    Alonso, who turns 42 in July, moved from Alpine to the Aston Martin team with a multi-year contract. He will take the retired Sebastian Vettel’s the place.