The RC ‘t Gooi rugby players were clearly the strongest in the derby against RC Hilversum. After a 24-0 halftime score, it eventually became 43-7 for the Naarders. As a result, the rugby team recovered well after the first defeat of the season against RC Eemland last week.

    ‘t Gooi had always won the first four games of the season with large numbers. After the defeat against Eemland, the rugby players wanted to recover against fellow countryman Hilversum. That worked, because after fifteen minutes it was 5-0 for the team from Naarden.

    After the team scored the try, the conversion was missed. Moments later, ‘t Gooi struck with a conversion: 12-0. The margin increased even further in the remaining part. The Naarders made it 24-0. Hilversum scored another try in the second half, but the rugby players from Naarden had already taken a big margin: 43-7.

    Win RFC Haarlem

    Because of the victory, ‘t Gooi continues to compete for the top places in the honorary class. They will visit competitor RC The Dukes next week. We find Hilversum in the right row, their next opponent is Haagsche RC. RFC Haarlem defeated Cas RC (Castricum) 27-19 in the other North Holland confrontation.

    Reactions from both teams will be posted on our channels later.