After the victories against Samoa and Australia, a bad awakening for the Azzurri in Genoa who were level in the first half: it ends 63-21. At the end of the match Bruno asked his girlfriend to marry him

    From our correspondent Andrea Buongiovanni


    November 19th
    – Genoa

    Italy is back with its feet on the ground: the Azzurri, in the last match of the November triptych, after the brilliant successes against Samoa and Australia, are taught a lesson by world champion South Africa, who – even – triples them in points. In Genoa, in front of 26,457 spectators, it ended 63-21 for the Springboks, 9 tries to 2. The result, albeit severe, essentially reflects what we saw on the pitch, with the hosts protagonists for the first twenty minutes (13 -8), in the match until the interval (13-18), but then outclassed by the opponents, who in the second half alone score six tries and impose their own, harsh law.

    The match

    The defeat in no way detracts from the good done by Lamaro and his companions in the overall three games: the balance, with also the first success in history against the Wallabies, remains decidedly positive and relaunches the ambitions of a national team that now looks to the future with a right optimism. The knockout against the world champion team, thinking of the next Six Nations, could also be good. Also because Crowley’s boys, conceded a cold try, showed again in the first part of the match that great game shown in recent weeks, first in Padua and then in Florence. Sealed (in the 12th minute) by a new try by Ange Capuozzo, good at finalizing with an irresistible acceleration of his actions which finally passed through the hands of Varney and Lamaro. Italy, at that moment and for a few minutes, pushed by a precise Allan from the pitch, dug a small break, surprising the opponents. Who, however, first took the measures and then in the second half – without history – they went wild. Redeeming the defeats of the last fortnight in Ireland and France before the highly anticipated match against England next Saturday in Twickenham, a rematch of the 2019 Japan World Cup final.

    For the Springboks, who showed up at the Marassi with the best possible formation, eight players scored, with two goals from winger Arandse, chosen as man of the match. It ends with Pierre Bruno, n. 14 blue and genuine Genoese who on the pitch, surrounded by his teammates, asks his fiancée, kneeling down, “Will you marry me?”. Guess the answer… Despite the defeat, you can celebrate.