‘RTL won’t even call you!’

Merel Westrik was really criticized last night in Today Inside. According to Johan Derksen, it is laughable that she even thinks she has a chance of succeeding Eva Jinek.


RTL 4’s late evening has a problem now that Eva Jinek has announced her return to the public broadcaster: she leaves behind three male talk show hosts. Since Beau van Erven Dorens and Humberto Tan no longer want to run long seasons and Renze Klamer lacks personality, a successor must be found.


Merel Westrik apparently thinks she has a serious chance, but she says she only wants to do it ‘under certain conditions’. A completely failed presenter who makes all kinds of demands when she is asked for a coveted time slot on the country’s largest commercial channel? It is completely cuckoo, according to Johan Derksen.

She thinks too much, according to Johan. “Merel Westrik has actually failed miserably with the alternative to our program with only women. That didn’t make any sense at all. That sucked and she didn’t do it well either. Other than that, I don’t remember ever seeing her on a TV show that people were watching.”


Sam Hagens then comments on the bar stool Today Inside: “RTL News.”

Johan: “Well, people did indeed watch that, but she had to read everything from the teleprompter, so you can do that too, Sam. That person then says in such an interview: ‘I would like to think about the succession of Eva Jinek under certain circumstances, my circumstances.’”

Hopeless failure

Delusions of grandeur, Johan thinks. “Then I think: Eva Jinek occupies one of the most important positions at RTL and I think the last person they will ever think about is Mrs. Westrik, who has so far failed miserably in such a seat. To say that, right, like: yes, and then I have to think carefully about whether I do it…

He concludes: “Well, she doesn’t have to be afraid of RTL approaching her. Why do you say strange things like that? You know. Yes, look: if The New York Times wants me as editor-in-chief tomorrow, then I would like to think about it, but on my terms!”