News item | 23-09-2022 | 17:05

    Outgoing Governor Eugene Holiday of Sint Maarten has been appointed Commander in the Order of Orange Nassau today. During a farewell reception in the Grote Kerk in The Hague, he received the royal award from State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen of Kingdom Relations.

    During the reception, State Secretary Van Huffelen reflected on the many achievements of Governor Holiday for Sint Maarten. She stated that the maximum term of 2 times 6 years has ended and looked back on the role he fulfilled in the past period. “You were the stable factor that led Sint Maarten through various political crises. I can imagine that it was not always easy to assist eleven different cabinets. But even in these turbulent times you ensured that things that could not wait continued.”

    Particular attention was paid to the role Governor Holiday played during successive crises such as Irma and the Covid pandemic. In addition, the State Secretary expressed her appreciation for his careful way of working, his honest way of acting, his accessibility for every resident of Sint Maarten and his commitment to young people and good education.

    “You have completed your two terms in a fantastic way”, concluded the State Secretary and surprised the Governor with an appointment as Commander in the Order of Orange Nassau. An award that is not often conferred. The decorated person must have performed very special or important activities.

    In his role as Governor, Eugene Holiday represented the King. In that capacity, he was also the head of the government of Sint Maarten. In that position, the Governor is inviolable and the ministers are responsible. As a kingdom body, the Governor looks after the interests of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

    On October 10, Ajamu Baly will succeed Eugene Holiday as Governor.