The contents of the August issue

    Eric Clapton + The 30 Best Unplugged Albums

    It was Eric Clapton’s last great hour: his “Unplugged” became the most successful live album in history. Plus: The 30 most beautiful albums in the MTV series

    By Jörg Feyer and others

    Bartees Strange

    Two years were enough to make Bartees Strange the hope of the indie rock scene

    By Jon Blistein

    Milky Chance

    At the Greentech Festival in Berlin, the Folktronica duo was honored for their commitment to sustainability. A conversation with Philipp Dausch and Clemens Rehbein

    By Naomi Webster-Grundl

    RS reportage: Ukraine

    Vladimir Putin wants to break the resistance of Ukraine. Sviatoslav Vakarchuk, the country’s best-known rock star, counters this. With protective vest, helmet and guitar

    By Jan Vollmer

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    For the epic new work “I Am The Moon” the jam rock band turn to an oriental love story. The perspective is emphatically feminine

    By Joerg Feyer

    Neil Gaiman

    For decades, Neil Gaiman’s groundbreaking comic The Sandman was considered unfilmable – now it has become a Netflix series. A conversation with the master of the fantastic

    By Gerhard Maier

    the mix

    The Sadies

    When Dallas Good died in February, the Canadian band’s new album was already finished. His older brother and guitarist Travis on grieving and moving on

    By Joern Schlueter

    Misty Boyce

    The American songwriter escaped from a Christian upbringing into music – on her new album she settles accounts with the patriarchy

    By Max Gosche

    Q&A: Gilbert O’Sullivan

    The songwriter on the influence of Irving Berlin, the importance of the Beatles and a party at McCartney’s

    By Joern Schlueter

    beach bunny

    Lili Trifilio wanted to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend with Beach Bunny’s college rock – that could now have succeeded

    By Max Gosche

    HISTORY: “Dirty Dancing”

    35 years ago, the romance “Dirty Dancing” came to the cinema – and made Patrick Swayze a superstar

    By Birgit Fuss

    Vernon Subutex

    The illustrator Rénald Luzier has translated Virginie Despentes’ “Vernon Subutex” series into sensational comics

    By Thomas Hummitzsch

    PLUS: Avi Kaplan, Arlo McKinley and some more



    News from Josh Rouse and 85 other reviews

    RS GUIDE: Kate Bush

    Sassan Niasseri on the work of the unique songwriter


    “The Magnetic” and 12 other reviews

    Playlist – New Noises in August

    Josh Rouse “Hollow Man”

    It’s hard not to like the songwriting globetrotter from Nebraska. His patented, airy folk-pop sound also carries this track from his new album, “Going Places”.

    Tami Neilson “Mama’s Talkin'”

    The Canadian-born, New Zealand-based singer-songwriter fuses rockabilly and country noir to create energetic vignettes like these.

    Ghost Woman “Along”

    Also from Canada, also pleasantly outdated: The band Ghost Woman celebrates late 1960s garage rock, infected with psychedelia and lots of reverb.

    The Sadie “Stop And Start”

    Canada, third: The Toronto band adds another highlight to their discography with “Colder Streams” – and at times sounds like an alternative rock version of the Byrds.

    Arlo McKinley “Back Home”

    The Cincinnati, Ohio-based songwriter presents himself as a true Americana hope on his new album, This Mess We’re In. “Back Home” evokes country nostalgia complete with fiddle.

    John Moreland “Cheap Idols Dressed In Expensive Garbage”

    The songwriter from Tulsa/Oklahoma unfolds his sarcastic folk-rock tales about life in a post-modern bullshit world to drum machine-suspicious grooves.

    Tedeschi Trucks Band “Playing With My Emotions”

    The band around singer Susan Tedeschi and master guitarist Derek Trucks is once again looking for the interface between soul emphasis and blues rock jam – and comes amazingly close to some role models.