Robert Doornbos is not asked about spicy juice in Boulevard

Robert Doornbos appeared at the desk of RTL Boulevard yesterday evening, exactly a week after Yvonne Coldeweijer published a kind of book full of spicy juice released about him.


It must have been quite a shock for F1 commentator Robert Doornbos last Sunday. The former racing driver was startled by not one, two or three, but ten (!) juicestories by Yvonne Coldeweijer. “Since the beginning of my juice career, I regularly receive messages about Robert,” she began.

Perfect relationship?

She ignored that for a long time because she sees him and his beloved Chantal Bles more as ‘semi-celebrities’. “But after this couple recently got married and their Instagram is all about their amazing relationship day in and day out, my inbox just kept filling up with juice about Robert and Chantal.”

She continues: “Not only the antisocial way they treat people close to them, but especially the cheating behavior of mr. Doornbos is head and shoulders above the rest. I therefore focus in these stories on their love life, because if we can believe Instagram, this relationship is perfect… right?”

Juice Explanation

An entire juice exposé followed sleaze and dirt about this robert. One affair after another passed by. The highlight of Yvonne’s ten Insta stories? An alleged rendezvous with Sarah van Soelen, the famous ex-girlfriend of André Hazes Jr., during last year’s Football World Cup.

Robert is said to have entertained himself for a whole evening in the Rotterdam restaurant 1NUL8. “With one lady in particular. There she is again: our homewrecker Sarasoel. They were together all night. (…) And afterwards a spy saw Robert walking away with Sarasoel, into the parking garage! He must have dropped her off at home alone. 😜”

Nothing wrong?

It keeps raining happy Insta stories at Dani and Robert, despite Yvonne’s juice. What’s up with that? She’s writing on her now juice channel: “On social media it seems as if the juice has no effect whatsoever. He especially tries very hard to post her, but Chantal is visibly less enthusiastic with her posts.”

She continues: “If you had the impression that she is not quite herself in his posts, then you have seen it right. Chantal is especially hysterical about the cheating story with Sarasoel. That is really a failure for Chantal. Not only Chantal, but also her father Jos Bles is WOEST at Robert.”

Angry father-in-law

Then why is that? Yvonne: “His daughter and Robert lived with him in difficult times. He has always been there for them and now it turns out that this ‘ideal son-in-law’ is just playing a joke on his daughter. Three more weeks until the wedding and the Bles family also pays a lot… So what you see on Instagram remains a clean appearance.”

Aren’t they already married? “Uhm yes they got married in Amsterdam but they are still going to Italy for the big wedding. For the gram. 😝.”

Visiting Boulevard

Robert was at the desk of RTL Boulevard last night, but presenters Frank Dane and Daan Nieber did not ask about the juice there. Of course he was not there to talk about his private life, but to chatter about Formula 1. It will have been agreed that no side paths will be taken.

Incidentally, sections such as RTL Boulevard deliberately maintain the gap with the juice channels, despite the fact that they occasionally allow Yvonne to comment on certain items. This not only has to do with reliability, but also with ethics. Often they only treat these types of topics as the celebrity has something to say about it.