On December 30, 2022, BBC Radio 2 released an interview feature with Robbie Williams. Scott Mills, a longtime companion of the star, hosted it. Among other things, he specifically asked about the relationship between Kylie Minogue and Williams. To which Williams replied that he had “hoped for more”. At the same time, he also revealed a childlike nervousness in dealing with people.

    Williams compares Minogue to girls from a higher grade that he didn’t dare approach. “I don’t know how to talk to her. She was the swarm of all swarms.” He is referring to the time they worked together on the song “Kids”. This appeared on both William’s third solo record SING WHEN YOU’RE WINNING and Minogue’s LIGHT YEARS in 2000.

    The radio feature was created as part of a larger BBC Radio 2 program series. It is titled “Celebrating Take That and Robbie Williams”. Williams and Mills take a chronological look at the singer’s career in a collegial tone. They also address the separation from Take That. Williams reports of being overwhelmed and his first mental breakdown. During this time, shortly before the first big US tour, everything had become too much for him. It’s not the only insight the star offers into his psyche. He also reports great anxiety during his performances. However, in her own words, she makes him seem “the most competent”.

    The interview can be listened to until the end of January 2023.

    Williams wants to show more of himself in a documentary series produced by Netflix. It is scheduled to appear in 2023.