Rob Kemps is suddenly very loose-lipped about his private life, while he exploded earlier when RTL Boulevard asked a question about it. And that now earns him a big sneer from the show section.

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    It was a big secret for a long time, but thanks to Today Inside everyone now knows: Rob Kemps, who is so cheerful on television, occasionally suffers from huge outbursts of anger behind the scenes. The presenter then angrily calls all kinds of editors because he doesn’t like it all.

    Ferocious Rob

    RTL Boulevard presenter Luuk Ikink revealed after Rob’s argument with VI that he also had such an explosion of anger in the summer. “We thought at RTL Boulevard: we recognize ourselves very much in this story [van Vandaag Inside]because we have also had an angry Rob Kemps on the phone, or at least in front of the microphone.”

    He continued: “A reporter of ours asked a question about his baby who was just born. That was at his own festival Total Loss. We just asked how things were at home and if things were going well. Then he got very angry about that, because it all had to be kept separate and things like that.”


    How different is that half a year later: Rob is in the AD extremely candid about his private life. “I became a father of a daughter,” he says. “I am enjoying this time so much. From our six-month-old baby and our three-year-old son Manu.”

    He cannot stop talking about it: “You are also grateful that it all went well. That such a baby starts to breathe on its own and once placed on its mother’s lap, seeks the mother’s breast on its own. Then I think wow, how fat. Children touch me.”


    huh? And that while Rob previously became furious for a simple question about how his newborn baby was doing. RTL Boulevard reporter Joost Maiburg tweets: “So far the man who never talks about his private life 🙄 Last summer he thought very differently when I spoke to him…”

    He closes the tweet tellingly: “Cuckoo.”

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