Roads to popular holiday destinations of the Dutch were busy early on Saturday. In France, all morning long traffic jams on the route to the Atlantic coast, near Lyon, in front of the Mont Blanc tunnel and towards the Spanish border. According to the ANWB, the peak was reached around noon.

    Spokesperson Heleen de Geest of the ANWB says that it is busier on the French roads than last weekend, because there is a lot of recurring holiday traffic. “Last week there was 862 kilometers of traffic jams in France at its peak, now there were 1077 kilometers during the peak around noon. What stood out was the route through the middle of France, on the A75 near Clermont-Ferrand, where it was very busy and the delay on the route south was four hours. There was a four-hour delay on the A10 just before and after Bordeaux.”

    Black Saturdays

    It is also busy in several places in Austria. There is at least an hour and a half delay on both sides of the Swiss Gotthard tunnel. The ANWB expects that many Dutch people will also be stuck in Italy along Lake Garda and Croatia, in both countries the delay is three hours. There are traffic jams of more than an hour around Bologna in Italy. In Germany it is busy towards the south. On the A8 towards Stuttgart, the delay is about an hour.

    Saturday is one of the so-called black Saturdays. Many people go on vacation or come back, so crowds are expected in many directions.