More than 2,000 people have a petition signed to ensure that the party tent at the fair in Limmen can open longer. The tent has been open until 1 am for thirty years, but this year the municipality has granted a permit until a maximum of 11 pm. And that is a problem, says catering entrepreneur Caroline Glorie: “Where in God’s name are all those people supposed to go?”

    During the fair, in the second weekend of September, the marquee can remain open until 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. On Sundays until 10 p.m. And that while Caroline Glories café, Eetbar Lekker, is the only catering facility that does not close until 3 a.m.

    “When the tent closes so early, I have no idea where to store those 750 people. The cafe is always packed,” she explains. “The Limmer fair is very busy, also by people from other villages. If the tent has to close so early, I foresee a lot of misery.”

    She is therefore pleased that the petition has already generated so much support from Limmen and beyond. “I expected it to be eagerly signed, but I could never have imagined that often.” Glorie feels ‘unwisely supported’: “There is no shortage of that.”

    In conversation

    According to Glorie, the decision was made because not enough enforcement can be deployed. “The mayor has been advised by the security region to close things earlier. But if people linger on the street, don’t you also get rotten?”

    In a response to NH Nieuws, the municipality of Castricum announces that a meeting with Caroline Glorie is planned next week. “We will have more information after that,” said a spokesperson. The municipality does not report why the tent has to close earlier. Glory “hopes” of course that the decision is reversed. “To be continued,” she says firmly.