Madonna gave her first UK concert here, and the Smiths have performed there several times. The careers of Oasis, Culture Club and Stone Roses took their course in the same place, and the Einfallenden Neubauten drilled holes in the walls here. We are talking about one of the most legendary clubs in Europe, the “FAC51 The Haçienda”.

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    The Manchester live stage/disco opened its doors on May 21, 1982 and was run by local celebrities: Joy Division manager Rob Gretton, Factory label boss Tony Wilson and New Order, who pumped massive sums into the mostly deficit club . The event’s later success as the epicenter of the rave scene accelerated its downfall, because the visitors pumped full of ecstasy hardly drank alcohol. In 1997 the license was revoked, five years later the club was dismantled, fortunately the film “24 Hour Party People” had already been shot.

    In order to document the history of the club musically, you would probably need an edition the size of a suitcase

    Peter Hook, ex-bassist of Joy Division/New Order and owner of the Haçienda rights, once said: “We have created an adult playground for ourselves … even if I can hardly remember a lot of it.” He talks about them with self-irony wild time in his book The Haçienda – How Not To Run A Club. In order to document the history of the club musically, you would probably need an edition the size of a suitcase.

    So this 65-track, 4-CD box set focuses solely on the first year that DJ Hewan Clarke DJed. The Manchester-raised Jamaican resembled radio icon John Peel, who also knew no genre boundaries, so there was thematic anarchy. The crazy journey goes from post-punk to electro, from funk to pop, from hip-hop to new wave. So from Culture Club to Kurtis Blow, from Sisters Of Mercy to ABC, Trio and Suicide. There are detailed notes on each track, as well as tons of photos.


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